Advantages of using a business broker

We believe that using a business broker is certainly the best course of action to take for anyone who wants to sell their business effectively. Although there are opportunities to sell direct, selling a business is not always a straightforward process and going it alone may offer various disadvantages including; negotiation experience, price achieved, time management, lack of evaluation and legality expertise etc.

We strongly believe that business owners who decide to sell should place confidence in working alongside an experienced and well-knowledged broker to offer support and advice in making all important decisions for these essential reasons;


When selling a business, the way the business is perceived by potential buyers is crucial. Experienced brokers know exactly where to advertise your business to maximize interest and more significantly how to market your business so that it gets noticed by serious, potential investors.


Business brokers are skilled negotiators who are driven to maximise your sale price. The role of a business broker is to bring “serious” buyers and sellers together with a view to achieving the best deal and sale price possible.


Business brokers qualify all prospective buyers at the primary stage of the sales process. When a broker qualifies a buyer, they will ensure

that the buyer is serious about purchasing the business and will also identify if the potential buyer has the realistic financial capacity to complete the transaction.


By using a business broker, you can concentrate on running your business instead of answering inquiries about the business sale. You ensure the business is still running optimally, and let the broker take care of the rest.


When selling a business, you may not want your competitors, employees or customers knowing that you are selling your business. A broker will keep all details of a  sale completely confidential. All potential buyers will sign a legal confidentiality agreement and then be ‘qualified’ as a serious buyer. It is only then, that the potential buyer will be presented with details of a business for sale.


Experienced business brokers possess the knowledge, skills and on-hand information directly related to your business, industry, and location. This gives the broker the ability to accurately appraise your business.


Achieving the best possible deal, out of the transaction is the most essential aspect of the process. The knowledgeable broker will work to their greatest ability to ensure that you get the most realistic sale possible, taking the risk out of you receiving a below market value sale for your business.


If you are considering a sale within the near future, then it is crucial that you consider your exit strategy. Tax planning and legal advice are a must and will ensure that the path to the exit is smoother and less costly than leaving everything to the last minute. It is essential that you have a strong professional team who are all working on your behalf.

We believe that each business is unique and that individual owners have different needs, requirements, and aspirations – that is why we offer a free, no obligation appraisal, to show you what we can do for the sale of your business.


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