Kings Business is instructed to offer the sale of a community cornerstone chip shop in Inverness

Kings Business offers Hilton Chip Shop in Hilton Village, Inverness for sale.

Hilton, a small Highland village, is the home to a local legend. Established in 1974, the Hilton Chip Shop is the longest established family run chip shop in Inverness. With a heritage spanning over 40 years, the chip shop embodies the welcoming spirit of the native area. In 1991, the business moved premises; becoming integrated into the local community centre. This is a testament to how this business is truly at the epicentre of this close society.

Over the years, the village flourished. This local chip shop honourably served its role as the core of this evolving community. Today, thousands of houses are currently being built; further expanding the town. As a result, the client base for this renowned business is expanding exponentially.  A very bright future lies ahead for this historic village chip shop, and it will forever lie at the heart of this small Highland community.

The asking price for the leasehold is £225,000.